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Institute for Transport Economics and Transport Policy Studies

Transport Systems of Russian Cities. Ongoing Transformations

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Digitalising transport in Russian cities: today and tomorrow

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Book chapter
Infrastructure and Transport. Situation Analysis and Key Challenges

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Working paper
Urban Public Transport Development in Russia: Trends and Reforms

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Urban and Transportation Studies. WP BRP. Препринты ФИ, 2016. No. WP BRP 05/URB/2016 .



28 February 2018

Higher School of Economics and University of Leeds made a collaboration agreement

At the initiative of Institute for Transport Economics and Transport Policy Studies the Higher School of Economics University and Institute for Transport Studies of the University of Leeds, United Kingdom signed the Memorandum of Understanding aimed at further development of long term collaboration.

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The Institute of Transport Economics and Transport Policy Studies ITETPS is a research centre at the HSE which was founded in 2011 to provide research, expert analysis and consultancy for government and non-government organisations and other entities.

The Institute has drawn up recommendations for improvements of transport policy in connection with a review of the transport strategy for 2030

We made an assessment of the current state of the Russian transport system, looking at the overall structure and forms of transport. We identified key divergences in the transport policy for the near future. We formulated proposals for transport policy aimed at improving the way all forms of transport function in line with modernisation of the country’s transport system. We presented an evaluation of the consequences of realising various scenarios, of inflation risks and political delays.

We devised particular provisions for the Strategy of social and economic development of Moscow up to 2025.